The holidays are here so I’m offering up a LIMITED number of personalized songs. For family, friends, partners or even just a little something for yourself!

Scroll down for some examples!

You send me an idea, story, even just a song title and I will write a custom one of a kind song for you. I’ll record an acoustic version as a video or mp3 on my iPhone (with intro/dedication if requested) and send it back to you!   

If you’d like something a little more substantial, I can put together a full arrangement for the song with additional instruments and zip you over an mp3 created with my computer in GarageBand.

Additionally, I'm offering Mini-Songs. Think TV commercial, radio jingle, etc. 30-45 second acoustic jams. Great for friends, pets, kids, and coworkers!

Here's the pricing:  

Solo Acoustic Song — $150   

Full Band Song — $250   

Mini -- $50

Please include your ideas for the song in the notes section of your order. You're also more than welcome to email me: adam@adamleeband.com

I can send along a list of questions/prompts to help kick start the creative process if you need help coming up with your idea for someone special. I'm also happy to work with your own lyrics or poetry. I’ve even had a couple people request covers as well, so what the heck, let’s throw those in too with the above pricing.

All orders must be in by 12/18 to ensure Christmas delivery.  

Thanks to all that have pitched songs so far. Look forward to hearing from everyone. Happy Holidays -- Adam